Antrobus House - Registered Office Address & Directors Office Address Explained

Running your own company in the UK carries many responsibilities – and if you’ve set yours up as a LTD (Limited company), or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), then by Section 86 of the Companies Act 2006, you are legally required to provide a registered office address in the UK for official correspondence to be sent to. 

When Do You Need a Registered Office Address?

  • Whether your business operates overseas, or sells products online rather than from a physical site, you will require a registered office address.
  • If you’ve just set up a LTD, or LLP business, or wish to change your Sole Trader status to LTD or LLP. The address must be a physical address in the UK and in the same country your company is registered in. 

You DO NOT need to register an address if your business is set up as a sole-trader.

How Will This Address Be Used? 

As your company’s official address, only statutory mail from government agencies; such as HMRC, or Companies House, will be delivered to your registered office address. 

Respectively, your business address is a contact point for all other correspondence, suppliers, clients/customers, utility providers and other third parties. 

Can I Use A PO BOX Address For My Registered Office? 

No. Your registered office address must be a physical ‘bricks and mortar’ address. 

Can I Use My Home Address For My Registered Office? 

Yes you can. However, your Registered Office address will be stored on the public record at Companies House, meaning anyone can view your private residence address, including opening up your home address to potential spam mail and calls too. 

Whats more, once you have submitted your Registered Office Address to Companies House it will remain on public view, even if you change it!  

Many businesses purchase a Registered Office Address from businesses such as ourselves! This ensures your home address remains private, with options for official post to be forwarded to you, or collected from our office. 

What About Directors Correspondence Addresses? 

Unlike your Registered Office Address, a Director Service (Correspondence) Address does not have to be based in the UK and a residential, or non-residential address can be used… 

Be aware though! Akin to a Registered Office Address, the Director Service Address that you provide will also be available on the public register of companies for anyone to scrutinise.

So if a commercial office location is not available, it is strongly recommended that a Director Service Address is purchased for all company directors. Simply, send us your details using our quick form here and our prestigious Petersfield office address can be used. 

Can I Remove My Address From Companies House? 

  • Registered Office? No.
  • Directors Service Address? Yes. 

Under section 1088 of the Companies Act 2006, company directors can request their address to be removed from the public register, however they will still need to provide a correspondence address which, you’ve guessed it – will appear on the public register. 

To apply to remove your home address from the Companies House register, you must complete the SR01 form, alongside paying a fee for every document where you might need this removed. 

Why Use Antrobus House For My Registered Office & Directors Service Address?  

If you’re intending on conducting your business in Petersfield or the surrounding areas, then using a physical office address in the area not only affirms your position as a local business, but also allows you to create a free Google Business Profile too. 

Click the button below to send us your details and get your Registered Office and/or Directors Service Address set up today.