We are committed to caring for the health and well-being of our tenants and visitors.

Like many local Petersfield businesses we have undertaken risk assessments and implemented various Health & Safety procedures to ensure our tenants and visitors are safe and comfortable in these difficult days.

Read about the actions we’ve taken to ensure COVID-19 is kept at bay at Antrobus House.

Antrobus House COVID-19 Precautions

We have completed a full risk assessment, which is available upon request.

Health & Safety Procedures:

  • Installation of 4 wall mounted touch-free hand sanitiser units in the common areas on the ground and first floors, with appropriate signage.
  • Only one person at a time in the kitchen.
  • Disposable cups for hot and cold drinks have been provided.
  • Disposable plates, bowls and cutlery have been provided, to use instead of crockery.
  • Paper towel dispensers have been fitted in the kitchen.  No t-towels.
  • Signs placed by all sinks and on the back of toilet cubical doors to remind everybody to wash their hands.
  • Management checks to ensure this is adhered to.
  • A more powerful microwave has been installed to minimise waiting times and queues for hot food.
  • One person at a time to enter or exit the building.  No crossing in corridors or on stairs; passing places are available in common areas. 
  • Only one person using the stairs at a time. 
  • Contact with Business Centre staff should be via email/telephone in the first instance.
  • Reduced capacity in meeting rooms.
  • Post and parcel deliveries to be delivered inside the front door only – to minimise contact.
  • Regular cleaning of door handles, stair handrails and all common areas.
  • Social distancing to be adhered to in common areas in line with the government policy.
  • Offices to have reduced numbers.
  • No hot-desking / co-working solutions are offered.
  • Sneeze screens are available to any tenants who require them upon request.
  • Seating in waiting area limited to 2 people – at a safe distance.
  • Use of face-masks encouraged in common areas.

Services Suspended

Until the pandemic has ended, for our tenants comfort & safety we will no longer offer hot-desking solutions or co-working. We will update you as soon as we are able on this. You can stay up to date with us via our social media channels (links in the footer).

Offer For Local Businesses

Hire An Office For A Day

After several months of lockdown life, get peace and quiet and super fast internet access! Hire a private office for the day at Antrobus House for just £40+VAT for one person, call us on 01730 234500 to discuss additional people/duration.

£100 Off Your First 3 Months Rent

We’re offering local businesses £100 or 15% whichever is higher, off the first 3 months of a 6-month contract on any of their advertised monthly room rents. These can be found here.

One Month’s Notice Period

We’re offering tenants the flexibility of just a month’s notice should you need to leave suddenly. (We call it our Coronavirus insurance policy!) ​