Room 5 is located on the First Floor at Antrobus House Business Centre


Up to 5 people, 220 SqFt, space in the heart of Petersfield, and we’re dog friendly. 


*Guide price based on 6 months initial agreement and 3 months rolling notice period. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements, as all terms and prices are negotiable based on your company’s circumstances. 

Just use the form below to send us your details. 

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We'd like to quote you the best price! Please see our note below the next question.
So we can ensure we give you the most competitive price, there are two elements we consider.

1) How long you'd like to rent the office for.
2) What notice period you'd like.

Most businesses sign up to a 3 or 6 month initial agreement, followed by a 3 month rolling notice period, to secure the most competitive price.